I have been writing my blog for almost 10 years,

Warning small communities of their own worst fears.

So, as I sit in my home while in quarantine,

My thoughts have now gone beyond Covid 19.


Each January I write resolutions that you read online,

I thought I would do something different this time.

The historical inauguration has inspired me,

To try my hand and write some poetry.


This year has included much disappointment,

Especially in the area of unemployment.

The numbers we see are quite alarming,

We need new ideas that can be transforming.


Working at home has created quite the boom,

I wish I had invested in a business called zoom.

Remote working is now the new normal,

Dress code will forever be considered informal.


The workplace has brought a new type of trend,

In order to bring the economy to mend.

Employers should create a workplace that’s flexible,

And make an employee’s life that is more bearable.


With a focus on resources and a jobs outcome,

A business will soon see an increase in income.

Consideration should be given to workplace diversity,

Because it benefits business and provides opportunity.


As employers identify new skills they can embrace,

More women from home will enter the workplace.

The key to success will be to collaborate,

Which can only be done if you communicate.


Zoom towns for rural are becoming more mainstream,

For some communities they are a wistful dream.

Remote work has made them much less rare,

And sometimes they develop with a hope and a prayer.


A leakage study can help determine a cluster,

And avoid a business becoming lackluster.

It could also lead to community growth,

And become a windfall for them both.


It’s time for government to become active and vocal,

Especially when it comes to being more local.

Providing them resources will be a good start,

And will show them that government will do its part.


The hospitality industry is certainly in decline.

If the economy is to grow, that’s not a good sign

People can’t wait to hit the ground running.

And visit our scenic areas which are stunning.


Small hotels and boutiques could use a financial flotation device,

We forgot them in the first round, so let’s not do it twice.

The restaurant industry must also be part of any recovery,

What good are scenic visits without a culinary discovery.


Every community needs an entrepreneurial ecosystem,

It’s pretty unclear why communities resist ‘em.

Startups will always need a level playing field,

It’s the best way for a community to become well-healed.


An annual lemonade day program is a good place to start,

It will certainly set those children miles apart.

It’s also a fun way to learn some business skills,

So, when they get older, they can pay their own bills.


Helping an entrepreneur get out of the starting gate,

Can help determine a business’s fate.

Access to capital will help their cash flow,

Which is one way that we can help them grow.


Teaching entrepreneurship in the classroom,

Will create more jobs, at least we assume.

Including a business plan competition,

Can also help in their college admission.


They will remember the moment with much glory,

And for the rest of their life, have a great story.

After college, to home they may return,

Starting a business with money they will earn.


Individual talent are people to attract,

Just pick up the phone and make some contact.

The incentives you can offer will be much cheaper,

Saving tax dollars would be a real keeper.


Existing businesses have many problems to face,

A mentor program should be something to embrace.

Finding enough people to participate in mentorships,

Will avoid the trauma of handing out pink slips.


Maker’s doers and dreamers could use a place,

So think about creating a maker space.

And don’t forget about writers and poets like me,

Who are always looking for ways to make money.


Rural communities really need some support,

Or essential services they will have to abort.

Help local governments avoid going broke,

Its time to share wealth with the hard-working folk.


Shopping local is a way that we all can assist,

It’s an easy solution that we should not resist.

Investing in local businesses would even be better,

It will avoid our downtowns from becoming a debtor.


None of this will be possible without sufficient broadband,

Without it, our rural communities will eventually crash land.

Providing our rural areas with a much higher speed,

Will show their importance and be a good deed.


The recent inauguration has put an emphasis on unity,

The economy will get better if only we act as a community.

I am sure we all agree, there is so much to be done,

Let’s put the year behind us and move to 2021.


I appreciate this art form, inspired by Amanda Gorman,

I sign off as the retired guy, you know me as the Forman.