Maury Forman

After failing his dream of becoming a standup comic or a game show host, Maury turned to a more receptive crowd as the Senior Manager for the Washington State Department of Commerce. He was the founder and director of the award-winning Northwest Economic Development course at Central Washington University where he was able to practice his dream by creating educational game shows like “Who Wants to Be an Economic Developer, Eco-Devo Jeopardy, Site Selectors Dating Game, and Community Feud. In 2012, he became the first recipient of the Finkle Leadership Award and in 2021 was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Economic Development from the International Economic Development Council. He is the author of 21 economic development publications and over 500 cartoons about the profession in addition to his novel comic strip, Noah’s Town. In addition to his many publications in the field of economic development, he was the founder of three startup businesses.

Milt Priggee

Milt Priggee began his cartoon career for the weekly Crain’s Chicago Business in 1978. He then went on to cartoon for the Journal-Herald and Spokesman-Review. Currently, he is freelancing editorial cartoons from his site in Washington State. His cartoons have been reprinted in many major publications like the NY Times, Washington Post and the Milt has won numerous awards including recognition from the Mencken Awards, National Newspaper Association, the Small Business Foundation of America, Inc., the Fischetti Editorial Cartoon contest and The First Iran Internet Cartoon contest. As a speaker, he has entertained audiences across the country with his visual presentation about the past, present and future of editorial cartooning. Currently, he is a speaker with the Washington Chapter of National Endowment of the Humanities.