A voice in the wilderness of rural economic development.

Yes, it’s true. I stepped out of economic development in fall of 2016. But as they say, you can take the guy out of economic development but you can’t take economic development out of the guy. Or something like that.

Since my retirement from my full-time gig with Washington State, I have been contacted by hundreds, well, dozens at least, of entrepreneurs, startups and economic development professionals asking for my opinion on this and that.

I have discovered that retirement is really just a relative term, for I am still passionate about entrepreneurs, particularly those who are bold enough to have the vision to start their businesses in rural communities throughout the country.

Yes, urban gets all the press coverage. But I have long believed that keeping the economic and intellectual wealth in a community – especially those in rural parts of the country – is the lifeblood of a healthy economy.

Sadly, many of these communities lack the resources to point entrepreneurs in the right direction. And that’s where I come in, I hope.

Since lying on a beach somewhere warm has never been that interesting me, I decided to create The Maury Forum, a cheap play on my name granted, but hopefully it is a place that will provide you with the connections you need to resources, funding, ideas, best practices, informative videos, publications and books and a few well deserved moments of Zen.

So sit back, let our fingers take you for a leisurely scroll, and check out mauryforum.com.

– Maury


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Maury’s Message

Off with their heads…tax.

The City of Seattle recently dodged a bullet. Weeks after voting in a regressive $275 head tax on the city’s largest companies, the resulting civic uproar got the best of them and they backed themselves out of a tough corner. The goal was admirable: fund services to solve the housing and homeless crisis in the city. But as an economic development strategy, the solution was nothing short of idiotic, pandering to special interests and demonizing successful corporations as a cause of the problem. And that is coming from a liberal.

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Book Review

Economic Development for the Team

by Eric Canada

There’s a new book on the market that presents a practical and comprehensive view of how to build an entrepreneurial infrastructure in our communities. “Beyond Collisions” by Maria Meyers and Kate Hodel of SourceLink, is a genuine “how to” book for supporting entrepreneurs. And, it provides economic and community developers with a powerful outside voice that can make a difference when you’re trying to drive change inside your community.

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Marketing Mentor


Detox. I’ve placed myself on a self-imposed social media detox. Well, that’s not entirely true; I do manage several social media accounts for various clients, so I do continue to log in and post, comment, and manage their platforms. But personally? I’m on a bit of a sabbatical. And frankly, I don’t miss it.

Prior to The Great Purge of 2018, I would estimate that I easily spent an hour a day on various social mediums. I would check in, see what’s new with folks, post, and enjoy the comments/discussion/feedback. But frankly, I found that it was getting a bit toxic.

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