Old economic developers never die, they just fade away.

Yes, it’s true. I am finally stepping out of economic development after a brief return to share a few last words of wisdom with you all. It’s been a fun ride here on The Maury Forum. But quite frankly, my dedication to perfecting banana bread is taking more time than I thought. It’s finally time to turn the mantle over to others who can continue to keep the fires of economic prosperity burning in communities large and small in the years to come.

It’s been a fun ride and thanks for your continued support. For the next few months, I’ll be guest blogging for the state, then closing the Forum for good. You can find my missives and cartoons on Commerce’s small business and entrepreneur website, Startup.ChooseWashingtonState.com.

But I did have time to write a new book, Noah’s Town: Where Animals Reign. It’s an economic development tale that centers around disaster planning. An entirely new genre that I know Hollywood moguls will beating a path to my door to buy the rights to. You can have it right now. It’s on sale on Amazon.com.

Now, back to that banana bread I have in the oven.

– Maury


Maury’s Message

Follow the real leader.

It has been over 10 years since the Washington State Department of Commerce and the Association of Washington Cities collaborated to produce the Ten Commandments of Community Leadership. This 32-page booklet, illustrated by Pulitzer Prize winner David Horsey, provided the framework that can create sustainable and vibrant communities for generations to come. More than 15,000 copies were distributed to leaders throughout the state.

As we’ve come to learn, it’s one thing to have a framework for community leadership. But it means nothing without leadership from the top to the bottom.

Read more on the new home for my blog, Startup.ChooseWashington.com.

Moment of Zen…

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